SEMCO MiniLab Junior, 3-Stack quartz tube furnace

UNSW SPREE Tyree Energy Technology Building (TETB)
TETB Level 1, Lab 162
Process type: 
Silicon - Thermal Treatment
Process summary: 

P Diffusion (low pressure), Oxidation (low pressure), annealing

Operational Status: 

The Semco tube furnace is a 3 tube pilot scale system configured diffusion, oxidation and annealing processes for silicon wafers.

Processes: PCOL3 source LYDOP P-diffusion, wet/dry LYDOX oxidation
Wafer/substrate: 100 mm round, 125 mm x 125 mm, 156 mm x 156 mm silicon wafers
Loading: manual wafer loading, robotic loading of boat to furnace
Batch size: ~25-50
Process time: dependent on process details (typically ~80 mins for industrial solar solar cells)