Roth & Rau MAiA XS PECVD System

UNSW SPREE Solar Industrial Research Foundation (SIRF)
UNSW SIRF Ground Level
Process type: 
Silicon - Deposition Thin Film
Process summary: 

In-Line PECVD SiN / AlOx / a-Si / SiON/ ARC / Passivation.

Operational Status: 

The Roth & Rau MAiA is an industrial inline PECVD tool for depositing ARC/passivation dielectric layers on silion wafers. The substrates are loaded on a wafer carrier. which is then transferred through the vacuum chamber for dynamic/inline deposition of the dielectric layers Deliectric layers: SiNx, SiOyNx, AlOx and a-Si layers Wafer/substrate: 100 mm round, 125 mm x 125 mm, 156 mm x 156 mm silicon wafers Loading: manual loading of wafers onto wafer carrier Carrier load: 9 wafers per carrier Throughput: up ~400 wph

Roth & Rau MAiA XS PECVD System
Roth & Rau MAiA XS PECVD System