PP5.2h: Collaborative Future Cambodia

Project Coordinator: 
Chief Investigators: 
Anna Bruce; Richard Corkish

While it continues at UNSW, ithis task was closed as an ACAP activity in December 2014.

Engages students in outreach through energy efficient domestic building design and construction for rural Cambodia.

Commencing in July 2013, students from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) pairing with experienced architects to design houses for rural Cambodia. The students will assess energy use in developing countries and investigate passive and active solutions. They will be assisted by the architects, a core group of engineers and lecturers from UNSW and the Royal University of Pnomh Penh.

In areas of Cambodia are some of the poorest people in the world. The sheer scale of poverty puts immense pressure on families, who can do little to feed themselves and survive. As a result, trafficking of women, children and even the men is a regular occurrence.

The shortlisted designs will then be built by teams of professionals from the construction industry, suppliers, students and lecturers. Managing and overseeing the project will be Troy Roberts and his experienced local team of builders from RAWimpact.

(Text modified from Cundall news. Image courtesy of RAWimpact media team)

See Cundall news article here.

Photo’s can be found on the following link under the Collaborate team.