PP5.2g Pollinate Energy

Project Coordinator: 
Chief Investigators: 
Richard Corkish
Associate Investigators: 
Pollinate Energy

While it continues at UNSW, ithis task was closed as an ACAP activity in December 2014.


Pollinate Energy  aims to eradicate energy poverty in India through locally manufactured, affordable and well-maintained clean energy solutions while removing the risk of unsafe and expensive fuels such as kerosene. The UNSW node of ACAP supports its Fellowship Program. See video.

ACAP is pleased to offer support for UNSW SPREE program students who are offered Fellowships to work with Pollinate Energy.


  • Students must be currently enrolled in a UNSW SPREE Program.
  • Up to 2 airfare support awards for travel to India to the value of $600 each per round of Fellows. There will be 3 student fellowship rounds per year - January, July, December - so up to 6 awards will be offered in total per year. 
  • Students receiving an award comply with follow UNSW travel procedures, including submission of TR1 form to Dr Richard Corkish, COO of ACAP for approval by SPREE HoS in advance and booking flights through SERKO.
  • Students receiving an award comply with follow UNSW Fieldwork Guidelines including completion and submission of the various forms
  • Students must book and pay for their own fare through SERKO and then submit a ER1 form with supporting documents attached to claim their $600 Award.


Selection process

  • Pollinate Energy will select the 2 best UNSW candidates during our standard selection process of candidates. The Award will be awarded at the time of candidate selection, (normally) approximately 2 months before each Fellowship.
  • Pollinate Energy will provide UNSW with the selected candidates' CVs, academic records and interview notes and approval will sought from the COO of ACAP before  the student books their flight using the procedure outlined above.


UNSW has two preferred travel agents

STA Travel
Email: unswedu@branch.statravel.com.au 

Email: unsw@voyagertravel.com.au