PP5.1e: Renewing the Sustainable Energy Curriculum

Project Coordinator: 
Chris Lund
Chief Investigators: 
Trevor Pryor, Kim Blackmore, Richard Corkish, Wasim Saman, Wendy Miller, Amanda Wood-McConney
Associate Investigators: 
Emiko Watanabe

ACAP participates fully in and supports the review, led by Murdoch University and funded by the Office of Learning and Teaching, of the Australian sustainable energy curriculum. Two ACAP partners, UNSW and ANU, are members of the consortium undertaking the project, called “Renewing the Sustainable Energy Curriculum – Providing Internationally Relevant Skills for a Carbon Constrained Economy” and described on the project website, www.murdoch.edu.au/School-of-Engineering-and-Information-Technology/Research/Renewing-the-Sustainable-Energy-Curriculum/. As stated on that website, “This project aims to scope and develop sustainable energy curriculum frameworks for Australian Higher Education Institutions that meet the needs of Australian and International student graduates and employers, both now and into the near future.  The curriculum frameworks will enable the assessment of existing curricula, course content and delivery methods in Australian Universities and provide guidance on how they can be made more relevant to students’ and employers’ skills and knowledge needs. They will also provide guidance in the development of new sustainable energy courses and programs in this critical area.”