PP2.1j (v) Stability of Flexible Perovskite Solar Cells

Project Coordinator: 
Monash University
Chief Investigators: 
Udo Bach
Associate Investigators: 

The high performance of perovskite solar cells makes this technology highly attractive for commercialisation as well as the possibility to manufacture perovskite solar cells by low-cost printing techniques. Despite the fast progress in improving the efficiency and simplification of layer deposition of perovskite and hole transporting materials, only little is known about the thermal stability and temperature-dependent performance. Understanding of these properties is of particular importance on the way to commercialisation as solar cells are exposed to severe temperature changes during the daily cycle. In this project we aim to fabricate efficient encapsulated perovskite solar cells that are stable in the presence of oxygen and moisture. Subsequently, the thermal stability and temperature-dependent performance of these devices will be investigated under both simulated environmental and inert conditions. This study is aiming to provide information about the general applicability of perovskite solar cells and inherent material limitations.