PP2.1f Device architectures

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University of Melbourne
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A key aspect of the current program is to ensure OPV device performance is measured against the common standard over a 1 cm2 area, rather than the typical 0.1 cm2 normally used for OPV. The key outcome is then to translate the performance for developed or known materials to the larger area with minimal performance loss. To reach the project milestone of a device with >8% power conversion efficiency (PCE) for a 1 cm2 area was expected to require improvement in materials in the active layer, interface modifiers and device architecture.

Luminescent solar concentrators (LSCs) are promising alternatives to geometric concentrators due to their nondependence on solar tracking and possibility for building-integrated photovoltaics. The performance of LSCs has been limited due to limitations of dyes that have been used in current literature. This program has developed new organic dye systems to improve light harvesting efficiency and stability of LSC devices The current program is to assemble demonstrators and the testing of those devices.