PP1.2a: Rear Contact Silicon Cells

Project Coordinator: 
Andrew Blakers
Associate Investigators: 
ANU team


The objectives of PP1.2a are twofold: to develop very high efficiency laboratory-based silicon solar cells; and, in parallel, to develop cell fabrication techniques and processes compatible with industrially feasible low-cost implementation of Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) solar cells. IBC cells, by their very nature, are both inherently capable of very high efficiencies owing to superior optics compared to conventional cell architectures and owing to an improved ability to tailor fabrication processes to meet specific goals of cell features. However, such cells are also characterised by more complex and expensive fabrication processes. The target for the end of the program is to fabricate cells using any techniques with efficiencies of 26% or above, and in parallel to produce cells using industrially applicable techniques, and by doing so meeting an informal or internal efficiency target of 24% or above.