Silicon Cells

PP1 will focus on three main areas: cells and modules made from solar grade silicon, rear contact cells and silicon-based tandem cells, both monolithic and mechanically stacked.


Organic and Earth-Abundant Inorganic Thin-Film Cells

PP2 focusses on "earth abundant" thin-film materials, including Si and CZTS, as well as organic cells (OPV), organic/inorganic hybrid cells, and third generation approaches.



We aim at experimental demonstration that theoretical conversion limits could be extended by use of structures that have a high local density of optical states, with particular emphasis on thin film inorganic solar cells.


Manufacturing Issues

This PP aims at delivery of a substantiated methodology for assessing manufacturing costs of the different technologies under investigation by the Centre.


Education, Training and Outreach

PP5 involves education, training and outreach, including researcher exchanges.


AUSIAPV International Activities

These projects involve significant interaction with our US partners.