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TV Documentary "Printable solar panels, developped by CSIRO and Melbourne universities, one step closer to market", ABC News, The Business 40k direct hits on the ABC website - IFLScience 69k likes - estimated 390k reach via tweeter CSIRO Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Video 09-09-2014
Renewable Energy at RUPP, Royal University of Phnom Penh, 1 March 2013 Meak, Kamerane, Tharith, Sriv, Hamer, Phillip Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Download PDF 01-03-2013
Photovoltaics: How might the industry evolve?, 4th Scientific Meeting, Institut Photovoltaïque D’Ĭle-De-France (IPVF), 5 October 2015. Martin Green Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach website link 05-10-2015
Advanced Laser Doped Solar Cells, presentation at UNSW 22 May 2014 Hallam, Brett Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells Video 22-05-2014
Demonstration of Silicon Solar Cell Voltage Increase via Limited Area Junction Approach, 2014 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference Teng, Peinan, An, Xinrui, To, Alexander, Mehrvarz, Hamid, Trupke, Thorsten, Barnett, Allen Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells Dropbox File 10-12-2014
Interview with Hayden Smith, Project Manager of Sunswift eVe, University of NSW about the Sunswift eVe solar car which was developed by students at the University of NSW, 2GB, Sydney, Life and Technology, 2015 Charlie Brown, Luke Grant Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach 10-05-2015
Silicon solar photovoltaics: changing the world, Solar Energy for World Peace Conference, Istanbul, 17-19 August 2013 Green, M. A. Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells 19-08-2013
Sunswift: UNSW O Week Sunswift display - 5846 viewers on Facebook UNSW Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach 25-02-2013
Efficient Light Harvesting of Luminescent Solar Concentrators using Aggregation-Induced Emission Chromophores, 2014 Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference, Sydney, December, 2014 Banal, J. L. Presentation PP3 Optics and Characterisation website 01-12-2014
PV Factory, interactive simulation of manufacture of PV cells Abbott, Malcolm, McIntosh, Keith, Lennon, Alison Research Training Tools PP5 Education, Training and Outreach PV Factory free login page 11-01-2015