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"Off to a testing run in the sun", Sydney Morning Herald Article Article Website 07-10-2013
ARENA tips $21.5m into solar research, Business SPectator, 26 August 2014 John Conroy, Business Spectator Article Article website 26-08-2014
Former solar giant Suntech rises from the ashes, The Age, BusinessDay, Carbon Economy Peter Hannam Article Website 20-07-2014
Fabrication of Cu2ZnSnS4 solar cells with 5.1% efficiency via thermal decomposition and reaction using a non-toxic sol–gel route, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Vol. 2, pages 500 - 509 Su, Z., Sun, K., Han, Z., Cui, H., Liu, F., Lai, Y., Li, J., Hao, X., Liu, Y., Green, MA. Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal website 01-01-2014
Investigation of boron antimonide as hot carrier absorber material, SOLAR ENERGY MATERIALS AND SOLAR CELLS, Volume 111, Pages 123-126 Green, M. A., König, Dirk, Yao, Yao Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal website 01-04-2013
Helium ion beam lithography on fullerene molecular resists for sub-10 nm patterning, Microelectronic Engineering, Vol. 155, Page 74 - 78 Shi, X., Prewett, P., Huq, E., Bagnall, D. M., Robinson, A. P. G., Boden, S. A. Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal Website 02-04-2016
Silicon Based Tandem Cells, Trina Solar Lecture, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China, 25 April 2015. Martin Green Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells Conference website 25-04-2015
A monolithically integrated solar cell system, PCT, Australia, PCT/AU2014/000189 Chan, Catherine Emily, Wenham, Stuart Ross, Hallam, Brett Jason, Wenham, Alison Maree Patent PP1 Silicon Cells website 28-02-2014
Capacitance-Voltage Characterization of In-situ Boron Doped Silicon Quantum Dot in Silicon Dioxide, 40th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Denver, June 2014 Zhang, Tian , Perez Wurfl, Ivan , Puthen Veettil, Binesh , Wu, Lingfeng , Jia, Xuguang , Lin, Ziyun , Yang, Chien Jen , Conibeer, Gavin Conference paper PP1 Silicon Cells Conference Website 12-06-2014
Chemical lithography and its applications for commercial high efficiency silicon solar cells, seminar at UNSW 30 April 2015 Li, Z. T. Presentation PP1 Silicon Cells 30-04-2015