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A photovoltaic light trapping estimation method for textured glass based on surface decoupling calculation, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 109:82-90 (2013) Cui, Hongtao, Green, Martin A., Campbell, Patrick, Kunz, Oliver, Varlamov, Sergey Journal paper PP2 Organic and Earth-Abundant Inorganic Thin-Film Cells Journal website 25-02-2013
Spatially resolved photoluminescence imaging of essential silicon solar cell parameters and comparison with CELLO measurements, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells 109:77-81 (2013) Shen, Chao, Kampwerth, Henner, Green, Martin A., Trupke, Thorsten, Garstensen, Jurgen, Schutt, Andreas Journal paper PP3 Optics and Characterisation Journal website 18-02-2013
Size-dependent optical absorption of silicon nanocrystals embedded in SiO/SiN hybrid matrix, Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids, Volume 362, Issue 1, Pages 169-174 Jia, X., Conibeer, G., Lin, Z., Wu, L., Xia, H., Di, D. Journal paper PP3 Optics and Characterisation Journal website 15-02-2013
"Photovoltaic Devices", in "Electron Devices: An Overview by the Technical Area Committees of the IEEE Electron Devices Society",Chapter 16, (2013) Ringel, Steven A., Anderson, Timothy J., Green, Martin A., Singh, Rajendra, Walters, Robert J. Book chapter PP1 Silicon Cells 13-02-2013
A novel silver nanoparticle assisted texture as broadband antireflection coating for solar cell applications, Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells, 109:233-239 (2013) Hongtao Cui, Supriya Pillai, Patrick Campbell, Martin A. Green Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal web page 13-02-2013
Diode laser processed crystalline silicon thin-film solar cells, Conference on Laser-Based Micro- and Nanopackaging and Assembly VII (LBMP) as a part of LASE Photonics West, San Francisco, CA, 06 Feb 2013 - 07 Feb 2013 Varlamov , S., Eggleston , B., Dore, J., Evans, R., Ong, D., Kunz, O., Huang, J., Schubert, U., Kim, K. H., Egan, R., Green, Martin A. Conference paper PP1 Silicon Cells Proceedings website 07-02-2013
Static hot carrier populations as a function of optical excitation energy detected through energy selective contacts by optically assisted IV, Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications König, Dirk, Hiller, Daniel, Zacharias, Margit, Michard, Stephan, Flynn, Christopher Journal paper PP3 Optics and Characterisation Journal website 06-02-2013
100% Renewable Energy – Realistic or Ridiculous?, Northside Forum, North Sydney Corkish, Richard Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach Download PDF Northside Forum 02-02-2013
Sunswift Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, App - Approximately 4000 combined followers, ~20,000 page views in 2013, ~20,000 page views in 2013; Reuters video 12594 views; UNSWTV video 5609 views UNSW Presentation PP5 Education, Training and Outreach 01-01-2013
Extension of photoluminescence imaging characterisation (E.P.I.C.) Augarten, Yael Thesis PP3 Optics and Characterisation Thesis Link 31-12-2012