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Wuxi Suntech closes R&D unit, Business Spectator, 25 August 2014 Article Article website 25-08-2014
"ARENA delivers first round of R&D funding", Sustainability Matters, 27 August 2014 Article Article website 27-08-2014
Quantification of trap state densities in GaAs heterostructures grown at varying rates using intensity-dependent time resolved photoluminescence, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, Volume 102, Issue 18, 4 pages Haughn, C. R., Schmieder, K. J., Zide, J. M. O., Barnett, A., Ebert, C., Opila, R., Doty, M. F. Journal paper Journal website 10-05-2013
A photovoltaic cell and a method of forming a photovoltaic cell, Provisional, Australia, 2014903112 Uddin, Ashraf Patent PP1 Silicon Cells website 11-08-2014
The effect of ageing on the scattering properties of silver nanoparticles for a plasmonic solar cell, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 118, Pillai, S., Disney, C. E., Yang, Y., Green, M. A. Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal Website 01-01-2015
High Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells: The Path to 25% Efficiency, (Invited), 6th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC-6), presentation at Kyoto (Japan) November 2014 Green, Martin A. Conference paper PP1 Silicon Cells PDF 25-11-2014
Structural Studies of Light-induced Anodic Aluminum Oxide, 40th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, Denver, June 2014 Ouyang, Zi , Cui, Jie , Li, Yang , Li, Zhongtian , Lennon, Alison Conference paper PP1 Silicon Cells Conference Website 12-06-2014
Temperature Sensitivity of Solar Cell Efficiency: Theory and Implications, 31st EU PVSEC, September 14-18, 2015, Hamburg, Germany Dupré, O., Vaillon, R., Green, M.A. Conference paper PP1 Silicon Cells Conference Website 14-09-2015
A method of forming a germanium layer on a silicon substrate and a photovoltaic device including a germanium, National Phase, United States, 13/916823 Green, M. A., Hao, Xiaojing, Tsao, Chao-Yang Patent PP1 Silicon Cells Patent Website 13-09-2013
Laser-Doping through Anodic Aluminium Oxide Layers for Silicon Solar Cells", Journal of Nanomaterials, Vol. 2015, page 870839 Lu, P.-H.D., Lennon, A., Wenham, S. Journal paper PP1 Silicon Cells Journal Website 01-07-2015