Presentation at the Third ACAP Conference, November 2015

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AUSIAPV International Activities

'Power Cube' power tower receiver

Metal Complexes as Solid-state Hole Conductors

Carrier selective contacts for boosting Si cell efficiency

Solar Cell Performance Documentation

PV Factory

New generation capacity world wide 2014

PV learning curve

Silicon currently 93% of PV

Silicon incumbency

System cost breakdown

Plus more...

OPVs and DSSCs

Perovskite Solar Cells (PSCs)

Stability for PSCs

Stability of flexible PSCs

Printing Solar Cells

Plus more...

Non-Langevin Recombination

Photocarrier Drift Distance

Organohalide Perovskites

Excitonic Binding Energy


Plus more...

Module Cost Targets

Partners in cost analysis

Developing a costing methodology

Benchmark Against Current Market Technology Lead

Plus more...

Highlights: Impact

Highlights: Sunswift

Highlights: Awards

Highlights: Knowledge Sharing

Education highlights

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