PP5 Education, Training and Outreach

Within the PP5 Education, Training and Outreach package, ACAP has specific targets for high quality publications and for the number of researchers in different categories who benefit from the infrastructural support it provides, as well as for the number and length of researcher exchanges. A significant number of outreach events is also targeted for each year. As well as major events such as those reported in the PP5 section of this annual report, other outreach activities in 2015 have included public lectures on material relevant to ACAP’s activities, a high-level book chapter introduction to solar energy, newspaper and magazine articles, and visits, information papers and presentations for policy developers and their advisors.


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Chief Investigators: Richard Corkish
Overview: ACAP holds an annual research conference near the end of each year in order to keep ARENA and its National Steering Committee informed, and to exchange research results, enhance collaboration and r
Chief Investigators: Renate Egan; Richard Corkish
Overview: The APVI’s Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference aims to provide a forum for development and discussion of content specific to Australia and its region, and an opportunity to foster collaboration
Chief Investigators: Renate Egan; Richard Corkish
Overview: ACAP is a “Large Organization” member of the Australian Photovoltaics Institute (APVI). 
Chief Investigators: Robert Largent
Overview: These outreach activities (www.engineering.unsw.edu.au/energy-engineering/outreach-program) of the UNSW School o
Overview: On hold due to COVID-19 restrictions.