PP5.2l: AQF Level 9 specialisation of The Master of Engineering Science

Aim: Improve program quality and consistency through compliance with Australian Quality Framework (AQF) Level 9 criteria.

In 2015 the UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE) has introduced Master of Engineering Science streams in Photovoltaic and Solar Energy SOLACS8338 and Renewable Energy SOLADS8338. They are two-year (full-time) programs and are compliant with Australian Quality Framework Level 9 program criteria. These streams have replaced Master of Engineering Science and Master of Engineering Science (Extension) programs in PV and Solar Energy, and Renewable Energy Engineering (SOLAAS8538, SOLABS8538 and SOLAAS8539). In order to fulfil the requirements the degree students must complete a total of 96 units of credit (UOC) consisting of 72 UOC specialisation courses (including 18 UOC of inquiry-based courses), and 24 UOC elective courses, including at least 6 UOC of an Engineering and Technology Management course.

SPREE has also started to offer new Diploma in Engineering Science in (i) Photovoltaic & Solar Energy and (ii) Renewable Energy. Students must complete a total of 48 UOC comprising of Disciplinary Knowledge, Advanced Disciplinary Knowledge, Engineering and Technical Management (ETM) and elective courses. Descriptions of these programs are available at the websites referenced below.

In addition draft proposals for accredited Master of Engineering Science in Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy have been prepared.