Recipients announced for Round 5 Collaboration Grants

ACAP is delighted to announce that the following researchers will be offered funding for Round 5 Collaboration Grants, beginning in 2018/19.

Abbott, Malcolm UNSW All-screen printed nanoparticle contacts
Angmo, Dechan CSIRO Organic Electron Transport Layer towards Upscaling of High Efficiency Perovskite Solar Cells.
Bach, Udo Monash Microstructural characterisation of thermally evaporated perovskite
Hallam, Brett UNSW Microwave processing: For silicon solar cells and beyond
Ho-Baillie, Anita UNSW Engineering interfaces for high-performance silicon tandem cell structures
Hoex, Bram UNSW PV education expansion: Learn how to optimise the PV module performance
Huang, Shujuan UNSW Development of Quantum Dots Solar Inks for Economical Massive-scale Production of Thin Film Photovoltaic Cells
Jones, David UoM Singlet Fission Enhanced Solar Cells
Juhl, Mattias UNSW Collating and sharing information on defects in silicon
Kunz, Oliver  UNSW Magnetic Field Imaging for Photovoltaic Cells and Modules
Lennon, Alison UNSW Investigation of Performance Degradation Pathways in Silicon Photovoltaic Modules Arising from Copper-Plated Metallisation
Nguyen, Hieu ANU Advanced luminescence characterisation for doped-poly and passivation films in silicon photovoltaics
Patterson, Rob UNSW Computational materials discovery: Ab initio modelling of new, high performance semiconductors for top cells in multi-junction tandems on silicon solar cellls
Shen, Heping ANU Development of upscaling technology for monolithic Si/perovskite tandem photovoltaics
Song, Nng UNSW Silicon Solar Cells with Silicon Carbide Passivated Contacts
Stocks, Matthew ANU Silicon devices for III-V/Si tandems
Tayebjee, Murad UNSW Towards a Multiple Exciton Generating Silicon Solar Cell