ACAP Collaboration Grants (Round 3) Awarded

ACAP has awarded 12 internal Collaboration Grants after a competetive selection process. Each involves research collaboration with US or Australian partner institutions and the set of grants covers a wide range of the scope of ACAP research interests and is the third such disbursement of research funds. The individual grants are listed below:

Lead Researcher
Lead Node
Grant (AUD)
Bagnall, Darren UNSW Arizona State University Thin silicon heterojunction rear contact solar cells with nanophotonic light trapping 25,000
Bremner, Stephen UNSW Arizona State University Development of GaAsBi based 1.0-1.2 eV Sub-cells for Multi-junction Solar Cells on Silicon Substrates 38,250
Chan, Catherine UNSW 1366 Technologies Inc. Advanced hydrogenation and mitigation of LID on PERC cells made from 1366 Direct Wafer® multi-crystalline silicon material 63,250
Conibeer, Gavin UNSW Natcore Technology Inc Silicon nanocrystal carrier selective contacts for silicon solar cells 50,000
Fong, Kean ANU University of Central Florida
Optical Characterisation of Passivated Contacts for Silicon Solar Cells 53,000
Hallam, Brett UNSW Arizona State University P-type hybrid heterojunction solar cells 46,000
Hoex, Bram UNSW Arizona State University Development of online educational resources for PV manufacturing education 40,000
Jones, David UoM National Renewable Energy Laboratory In-situ X-ray characterisation of printed organic solar cell films 60,000
MacDonald, Dan ANU Arizona State University High efficiency heterojunction solar cells based on low-cost solar-grade silicon wafers 40,000
Mulmudi, Hemant ANU Los Alamos National Laboratory
Washington University in St. Louis
Discovering and Developing Lead-Free Perovskites for Photovoltaic Application 32,000
Payne, David UNSW PV Lighthouse Rapid Optical Modelling of Black Silicon 22,500
Puthen-Veetill, Binesh UNSW Open Instruments Pty Ltd Alignment-free PDS tool: From university to industry 30,000