7th Annual ACAP Conference

Day 1 of the ACAP conference will be held as a stream in the annual APVI Asia-Pacific Solar Research Conference (APSRC) at The Canberra Rex Hotel http://canberrarexhotel.com.au/ (map link here) and Day 2 of the ACAP Conference will be held at

ANU Canberra (map link here) in the Engineering Theatre, Engineering Building #32 (map link here), 9.00am-12.00pm.

The APSRC is held over three days from 4 to 6 December and covers a broader range of solar research in Australia including Applied and Advanced PV, Solar Heating and Cooling, Concentrating Solar Thermal, Integration, Deployment and Policy. Knowledge sharing and capacity building is an important part of the ACAP program and the ACAP team looks forward to this opportunity to present the ACAP activities to the wider renewable energy community.

ACAP Conference Registration

ACAP member registration will allow ACAP members to participate in the ACAP stream of the APSRC on Thursday 5 December and the ACAP Conference on Friday 6 December. The cost of attendance is covered by ACAP. Please click here to register.

There will be an award for the best student and best stsff member poster presented on 5 December 2019.

APSRC Registration:

If ACAP members want to participate in the wider conference, they can take advantage of discount registration. Please click here for APSRC and select 'APVI members' on the registration form. 

NOTE: As stated above, to attend the ACAP Conference on Friday 6 December, please register separately here.

7th ACAP Conference Program: 

To view the program. please click here

 ACAP Conference Poster Prizes:

 Two prizes will be awarded at the 2019 ACAP Conference:

➢ ACAP 2019 Conference Student Poster Prize
➢ ACAP 2019 Conference Staff Poster Prize

Judging Criteria: Visual Presentation, Content and Oral Presentation.